Twine Bunny Head DIY

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I saw the inspiration for this online a few days ago and just knew I had to give it a try.

I decided to make mine completely from scratch and had so much fun doing it!

What You Need

1. Jute Twine

2. Wired Twine

3. Mod Podge

4. Balloon

5. Scissors 

6. Glue Gun

7. Embellishments (optional) 

Twine Ball

 This part gets messy, just a warning! This is going to be your bunny’s head. Blow your balloon up to the size you want. Then you are going to take your jute twine and smother it in Mod Podge. Like I said, messy! I used a foam brush, but you could also just poor your Mod Podge into a container, dunk your twine in and use your fingers to get the excess off. It just depends on how messy you want to get. The key is to make sure the twine is completely coated. Then just start wrapping it around your balloon. Do as much or as you want. When you come to the end I just made sure that part had plenty of Mod Podge on it and tucked it in. (I did a close up image for you below, in the middle) I hung the balloon up to dry and would suggest leaving it to dry at least over night.

Time to pop!!!

Once it’s all dry I pushed on the balloon through the different holes of the twine to make sure that if was free. Then cut a little slit into the balloon and now you have a twine ball/ the bunny head!

Now this on it’s own has my mind going of what I can do with it! I also love the idea of making these in different sizes and using them just like this for fillers or sitting grouped together on a table.

Time for the bunny ears

To make this twine ball into a bunny you need ears. That’s what the wired twine is for. That way it will hold the shape and makes it easier to attach to the ball. Play around and see how big you want your ears. I ended up shaping my first one before I even cut it. Once I liked the size I stretched it back out and cut a second strip the same. To form the ears I folded the twine in half then made the middle a little fatter. 

I used the wire to attach the ears then used a little hot glue once I had them where I wanted them to make sure they didn’t go anywhere.

You can stop there with you bunny head, but I decided to add a little something to my bunny.

I went with a bow, but you could do flowers or greenery or what ever you can think of.

Be creative!

I hope this has inspired you! 

Happy crafting!


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