The Perfect Pairing

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Happy Friday! We have the lovely Elizabeth Hunter sharing her thoughts on the perfect book and wine pairings! Check it out below… 

The Perfect Pairing:
What to drink in Moonstone Cove!

One of the fun things about writing a series set in Central California is being able to incorporate so much of the setting into the books. The Central Coast has beautiful beaches, amazing landscapes, and so much amazing wine and food!

To celebrate the newest release in Moonstone Cove, here are some perfect pairings. Just like paranormal women’s fiction, I wanted to explore the unexpected. This genre is all about paranormal surprises happening when you least expect them, so here are some wines that are a little out of the ordinary to enjoy while you read my newest series.

Runaway Fate: Katherine is a professor at a state university who loves her life, has an amazing husband, a beautiful beach house, and… starts suddenly seeing psychic visions in the middle of her workout at the gym. Not in the plan!

Fortunately, she can enjoy a full bodied red like Barbera with her friends on Wednesday night! This beautifully balanced red is great with almost any rich meal like steak or pasta with red sauce. It has rich flavors like cherry and berries, along with hints of vanilla. Try Eberle Winery’s 2018 Barbera for a rich change of pace.

Fate Actually: What can I say about Toni? Well, she has a giant family, a successful auto shop, and she’s a little bit… spicy? She doesn’t have time for romance—or her newfound ability to read people’s emotions—but Henry, her cousin’s new winemaker, is going to do his best to convince her otherwise.

Just like Toni, sometimes a little acid is needed to balance the sweet. That’s why I love the gorgeous Rhone wine, Roussanne! This unexpected white wine is a favorite for hot weather and has honey and pear hints. It’s perfect to pair with spicy food like Thai noodles or your favorite tacos. And a great book, of course! Try one of my favorites, Opolo Roussanne Central Coast 2017.

Fate Interrupted: There’s nothing more unexpected than completely transplanting your life in your 40s, only to find out your husband has been less than faithful and also you maybe have developed telekinetic powers at the gym. But Megan is going to handle all of that with a dry sense of Southern humor, immaculate lipgloss, and her new best friends.

For Megan, I needed the most unusual wine of all, a Poulsard you can’t get on the Central Coast! (This may be a plot point, just saying.) Poulsards are a refreshing and light red that I love to serve chilled. It’s totally perfect for summer, light and refreshing with flavors of berries and hibiscus. My absolute favorite only comes from France, but you can find it online. Try the Domaine Rolet Arbois Vieilles Vignes Poulsard 2018. It sounds super fancy, but this is a great wine to enjoy in the backyard on a warm evening. And really! Try it chilled.

I hope you have some fun new ideas for wine you haven’t tried before, along with a taste of the ladies of Moonstone Cove! Fate Interrupted is available now in ebook at Amazon, and in paperback at all major retailers. Just like these delicious wines, I can’t wait for you to try it.

Elizabeth Hunter

Fate Interrupted

She had her life all planned out; fate had other ideas.

How did an accomplished Southern businesswoman, wife, and mother end up living on California’s Central Coast, working for a stubborn wine-maker, newly divorced, and wrestling with sudden psychic powers?

Megan Carpenter asks herself that same question nearly every day.

She’s working her way back to the business world and starting her own event planning business, but fate keeps throwing her curveballs. Her ex has an unexpected new girlfriend, her telekinetic powers keep short-circuiting, and her self-control—at least when it comes to her boss, Nico Dusi—is slipping.

Thank goodness she has the two best friends in the world. With Katherine and Toni at her side, Megan is determined to keep her plans on track, even when at unexpected theft at the winery threatens the new business she’s building.

When Nico asks Megan, Toni, and Katherine for help finding the thief, life in Moonstone Cove gets even more mind-bending. Experimental grape clones, industrial espionage, and bizarre blood stains. Even for three psychic friends, this mystery may be more than they can handle on their own.

Fate Interrupted is the third book in the Moonstone Cove series, a paranormal women’s fiction series by USA Today bestseller Elizabeth Hunter, author of the Glimmer Lake series and the Elemental Legacy.

Available now:

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