Shadow and Bone: A Darker Journey Into the Grishaverse

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Shadow and Bone: A Darker Journey Into the Grishaverse

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The highly anticipated Netflix series “Shadow and Bone” has returned for its second season, continuing the captivating story set in the fictional world of Ravka, which is divided by the Shadow Fold, a mysterious and deadly rift of darkness. Based on the Grishaverse novels by bestselling author Leigh Bardugo, the series has garnered a massive following with its stunning visuals, captivating storytelling, and immersive character dynamics.

Season one introduced us to Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), a skilled cartographer who discovers her rare ability to summon light. Her newfound power makes her a valuable asset to General Kirigan, also known as the Darkling (Ben Barnes – Narnia, anyone?). Despite the toxic nature of their relationship, the Darkling’s handsome features and theatrical entrances heighten the show’s dramatic tension. For those seeking a more tender romance, Alina’s childhood friend and crush from the orphanage, Malyen Oretsev (Archie Renaux), offers just that, as they have remained inseparable since their childhood.

In the second season, Alina and her comrades find themselves on the run from the Darkling’s forces. In their quest to strengthen Alina’s powers and defeat the Darkling, they encounter both new and familiar allies. Among them is the renowned Nikolai Lantsov (Patrick Gibson), a privateer who may even have marriage proposals in mind, despite Alina’s budding romance with Mal. The warrior twins Toyla and Tamar (Lewis Tan and Anna Leong Brophy), along with Genya (Daisy Head) who was initially swayed by her fear of the Darkling’s immense power, and the one and only Baghra (Zoë Wanamaker), join forces to aid in their quest to defeat the Darkling once and for all. 

However, Alina’s struggles with her powers in the first season were only the beginning. In season two, she faces an even greater challenge battling Merzost, a form of small science that alters Grisha power and has a corrupting effect. This raises the question for viewers of whether Alina will succumb to the darkness or triumph over it.

The second season of the show deftly weaves together story elements from Bardugo’s “Siege and Storm” and “Ruin and Rising” books while introducing characters from the “Six of Crows” story arc. A stunning plot twist reveals (SPOILER) that Nikolai Lantsov orchestrated the Sun Summoner’s kidnapping, which set in motion the Crow storyline in Season one. Additionally, the show incorporates significant sections of Kaz Brekker’s revenge against Pekka Rollins (Dean Lennox Kelly) from “Crooked Kingdom” (cue the waterworks). 

The inclusion of ’Crooked Kingdom’ earlier than expected promises an abundance of fresh plot twists, keeping fans eagerly anticipating the potential upcoming third season. It’s not always negative when things change, and given the multitude of books incorporated into this season, it’s a wonder it turned out as cohesive as it did. Thanks to the show’s established relationship between Nikolai and the Crows, the possibilities from the Grishaverse novels are virtually limitless. And, without revealing too much, this season did an excellent job of showcasing more angsty Kaz (Freddie Carter) and Inej (Amita Suman) moments, as well as delving deeper into Jesper (Kit Young) and Wylan’s (Jack Wolfe) story arc. And for those who have been missing Nina (Danielle Galligan), our beloved Heartrender, and the wrongfully imprisoned Mattias (Calahan Skogman), don’t worry – they make an appearance too as Nina does whatever it takes to break him out of Hellgate, possibly even bargaining with an enemy. However, we won’t reveal any further details, as you’ll have to watch the season to see where our favorites end up… or perhaps, where they don’t.

Whether you’re a fan of the Grishaverse or just looking for a well-crafted fantasy series, “Shadow and Bone” on Netflix is a must-watch. Plus, by watching it, you can help boost the show’s chances of getting renewed for a third season. 😉

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