How To Turn Your Kid’s Art Into Candles

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Turn Your Kid’s Art Into A Candle

My kids love art. From coloring to drawing they always have new artwork to show me. Which means my fridge is always covered with their latest masterpieces. This idea is a different way to display their drawings and it is also makes a great gift idea. It’s super easy and was a big hit with my kids.

You will need:

  1. white candle(s)
  2. white tissue paper
  3. markers
  4. scissors
  5. wax paper
  6. hair dryer

Start by cutting a piece of tissue paper so that it will fit on your candles.

Next is the fun part, designing your image! Remember the tissue rips easy so you don’t want to push hard with your markers. The limits are endless with this project. From a toddlers random strokes of color to a picture of flowers to a message to a loved one. Just get creative and let the kids go for it!

Once the design is finished cut off any access tissue paper, if there is any. Next you want to wrap the tissue paper and the wax paper around the candle. The wax paper is what helps you keep your design in place as you apply heat. I found it easier to lay the design on the wax paper then place the candle in the middle wrapping it around the candle together. You want to make sure you have enough wax paper so you can grab it at the back of the candle, making it tight, like in the picture.

Since this next step can get hot I would recommend the kids watch you do it.

Making sure the tissue paper is where you want it and the wax paper is tight around the candle, apply heat with your hair dryer. Because you are melting the tissue into the front of the wax you want to make sure you are moving the hair dryer evenly over the surface. You don’t want to melt one spot more than another. You will start to notice that as the candle melts around the tissue paper the color of your design becomes brighter through the wax paper, letting you know that area is finished.

If you notice there is a spot that needs to be melted more just replace the wax paper and apply more heat. Be sure to check the edges of the tissue paper to make sure they are not sticking up.

Let it cool for a few minutes and you have your one of a kind personalized candle!

These make great gifts for friends, family members, and teachers. Our Grandparents loved them!



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