Christmas in July DIY and Hallmark Christmas Movies!

Do you love Christmas as much as I do? I even get excited for Christmas in July! I love seeing the previews for what’s to come this holiday season. And lets not forget about the Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. My kids love watching them with me too! We put on our robes and fluffy Christmas socks and enjoy them together! I love being able to share the love for all things Christmas with them.

Here are some of my favorite Hallmark movies:

Christmas Under Wraps:

The Sweetest Christmas:

A Royal Christmas:

Switched For Christmas:

I’m actually watching Switched For Christmas as I type this up!

Christmas in July DIY

So, why is this the perfect Christmas in July DIY? Not only can you use it at Christmas time, but you can also use it right now! This DIY is a reversible welcome sign for your porch!

Here is what you will need:

*Wood Plank

*Newspaper or something to cover the ground

*Spray Paint in Red and Black (I used Rust-Oleum Satin spray paint)

*Wood Stain

*Paint Brush and Rag (for the stain)

*Painter’s Tape

*Letter Stencils

*White Paint

*Foam Paint Brush

Every Day Side

The first side of your welcome sign is as simple as it gets! Stain the front and sides with what ever color stain you would like. After it dries, place your letter stencils to spell our your word or saying and keep them in place with painter’s tape. I went with WELCOME, but depending on the size of your stencils and your creativity you can put anything.

Use your white paint and the foam brush to dab the paint on with an up and down motion, don’t use regular paint strokes. You don’t want the paint to get under the stencils. One you’re done, remove the stencils and let dry. Super easy! Remember, this is not going to come out 100% perfect, and to me, that’s what I want. It gives it character!

Now the fun side! Let me show you how to make my favorite pattern, buffalo check! I use this print all over the house at Christmas time, I’m obsessed with it! It’s easier to do than you think. The longest part of all of this is letting the paint dry in between steps.

Step 1

The first step is to paint your board red, then let it dry.

Step 2

Next place your painter’s tape vertical on your board to create your first stripes. (The best and easiest way I found to do this was to find center. Then I laid down the tape side by side, working from the center out, until the whole board was covered. I peeled up every other piece of tape to create the pattern. This way I knew my lines would all be the same without having to measure) Now you spray paint with black. Make sure to do it lightly so that the red peeks through like in the pictures below. Peel off the tape and let dry.

Step 3

Same as step 4, but horizontal stripes with the tape. Still keep your black paint light. This time don’t take the tape off when you let it dry.

Step 4

Put the painter’s tape back over your original vertical lines of tape. This will create boxes with the tape that you’ve left down. Now it’s time to spray black again, all the way black. Peel off all the tape carefully and let dry.

How cute is that?! If you wanted to do the same thing for Halloween just switch out the red for orange! Now that you know how to spray paint buffalo check the sky is the limit on what you can transform with this pattern!

Step 5

Just like with the other side you’re going to pick a word or phrase (depending on the size of letters), I picked HOLIDAY, and stencil away.

Again remember, this is homemade. Not everything is going to be perfect and that’s what gives this character.

I’m so in love with this piece and hope you love yours just as much! If you decide to make one of your own I would love to see it. Tag us on Instagram, @lifebooksloves, so I can see!

Happy crafting and merry Christmas in July!



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