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Hey Babes!

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Dearest Babes,

Pinkies up, readers! Season 3 of Virgin River, the Netflix series based on Robyn Carr’s popular series of romance novels, debuts today. Scuttlebutt is that it will include a new romance and a gigantic cliff–so one is pleased to hear that Season 4 begins filming in a few weeks to swiftly resolve that. For anyone wondering why the town’s resident Gossip Girl, Hope, is largely absent, filming in a pandemic was apparently the reason for on-the-fly plot revisions.

On the topic of Hollywood, Blue Box Press (the women behind 1001 Dark Nights, and most recently the publishers of Jennifer Armentrout’s Blood & Ash books) has acquired not one, but two Hollywood-themed series to begin releasing next year. Is this going to be the 2022 season’s hottest trend? If so, Kristen Proby and Xio Axelrod will be at the forefront.

Do my gentle readers ever explore app-based reading? Radish, Kiss, and Readict offer books as episodes, filled with gasp-inducing and steamy moments. Kindle gets in on the action when Vella debuts next week–which of your favorite authors will have new material in there? BB Easton, Meghan Quinn, M Pierce…? One hears they’re all dipping their toes into the episodic waters.

In other KU news, it has come to my attention that a rumor has been circulating about a top Kindle Unlimited author of small-town swoons. Your humble narrator has confirmed that she’ll be combining two of her most popular series by soap-opera aging up the original series’ kids… but has yet to announce. 

Another blind submission requested that I uncover the identities of the two NYT bestselling erotica authors behind the Raven Jayne pen name–but my subtle inquiries have come up short as of yet. 

As a conciliatory measure, here is a gift to enjoy until our next tea party: Kristen Ashley’s Freebie – After The Climb: Special Edition (Free for a limited time!)

Until the next tea party, darlings,

I remain,

Lady Biblio

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