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Hey Babes!

Happy Monday! We are reposting our very first Spill the Tea with Lady Biblio!! A lot of Romancelandia and entertainment news brought to you each Friday from the mysterious new Babe – Lady Biblio! To get the tea first on Fridays – sign up here

In case you missed her introduction last Wednesday…

The Land of Romance is chock-full of secrets, rumors, and of course, happy endings. If one blinks, one may miss the gossip. That’s where I come in–You may call me Lady Biblio, and I shall be your eyes and ears. All week, I collect the finest tea to share exclusively with the Babes on Fridays.

Even the mysterious Lady Biblio cannot be everywhere at once, so please do submit any burning questions and I’ll endeavor to uncover the answers.

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Dearest Babes,

The era of the summer blockbuster draws to a close, but the era of romance adaptations is poised to take over. Surely all gentle readers are tuning into Netflix tonight for the premiere of Sex/Life, inspired by the utterly scandalous BB Easton’s 44 Chapters books… and according to her, the adaptation is one of the steamiest shows ever filmed. One can hardly wait until the sun goes down!

Waiting in the wings is Tara Sivec, whose Seduction And Snacks is being filmed by Passionflix now, and the recent purchase of Jillian Dodd’s That Boy by two successful producers (The Office, anyone?) which will be told with a Latina twist.

And for those whose favorite books were already filmed–what do you do After while waiting for a new Hero? One hears a new chapter in their story is currently being written…

Speaking of secrets, any guesses on the bestselling authors behind Becker Gray? Sexy bullies, smartass heroines, and poetic writing… who is responsible for all the peacoats at Pembroke Prep? Only a few know… and one of them is writing a Jane Eyre-inspired trilogy. Will Strict Confidence reveal a wife in the attic, or has Skye Warren merely been toying with us?  

Pen names must be in the air as well, as Kendall Ryan has announced the debut of Poppy St. James. Poppy’s first order of business will be publishing her own versions of Kendall’s greatest hits… but taken down a few heat levels. Same stories, but slower burns and closed doors. Finally, fans of her work will have books to share with their pearl-clutching friends and relatives… what a lark!

Until the next tea party, darlings,

I remain,

Lady Biblio

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