Benson and Stabler fans, rejoice! ?

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In the world of romance, sexually based stories are considered especially delicious. In Romancelandia, the dedicated book babes who investigate these bingeable books are members of an elite squad known as the Biblio Babes. These are their stories.

 Dun dun. 

Law and Order SVU returns to NBC April 1st with Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (Christopher Meloni) reuniting and I am not okay. I repeat, I AM NOT OKAY.

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In my overactive imagination, these two were it for each other. Even when they didn’t act on it, and oh, boy, did I want them to, it was clear their passion off the streets and between the sheets would have been nuclear. Their will they or won’t they storyline was a damn feast for anyone who loves a good forbidden romance. Their history, their undeniable chemistry, the angst and longing. Seriously. I could go on and on. 

The Benson and Stabler storyline is a romance lover’s dream and if you have never experienced the dedication and heat between these two now is the time. Go back and binge. Get your good-guy-who-lives-on-the-edge-protective alpha swoon on, babes, because Detective Elliot Stabler is the ultimate stern brunch daddy. 

I have no idea where this SVU episode is taking us but I’m here for every second of it. We know Stabler is getting a spin off series of his own but not much else. This will not keep me from begging the TV gods for him to show up divorced (I’m not really a homewrecker), a single dad (because, hello, hot) and finally ready to claim is one true love (and their second chance). 


Let’s take a closer peek at what that might look like, shall we? 



I’m gonna need a minute… 

If you’re a Benson and Stabler fan, I want to hear your favorite things about Stabler or your favorite scenes! Your hope and dreams for the April 1st episode and the Stabler spinoff. Spill, the tea, babes. 😉 

Your girl, Hadley xoxo


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