Paw Print Wreath: How To

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Paw Print Wreath: How To

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Paw print wreath, a super cute and super easy wreath you can make for your door.

I absolutely love how this paw print wreath came out!  

What You Need

1. Grapevine Wreaths (1 big, 4 small)

2. Grapevine Wire

3. Wire Cutters

4. Wire

5. Embellishments   

Before you get started

First thing, figure out what side is the back. Then find what part of the vine you are going to hang your paw print wreath from.

If you look at the picture on the left you can see a vine in about the middle that has a slight bend to it and it sticks out just a bit. This looked like the best way to hang this one so I made sure this was at the top of my wreath when I turned it over. 



I decided to start adding my embellishment first. I went with a sign and a small bow I made out of ribbon with paw prints on it. I used my regular wire to attach everything to my wreath. (everything came from Hobby Lobby)

One thing I love about this wreath is that you can change it up simply by changing out the embellishment.

Different bows, a different sign, or flowers and you give your paw print wreath a totally different look!


Next play around with the smaller grapevine wreaths to see where you like them.

Once you have their placement to your liking use the grapevine wire to attach them to the wreath.

I found that using the grapevine wire held them in place better than just the wire. I think part of that is you don’t have to worry about hiding it.

If you have extra after they are secure, don’t cut it. Just use it to wrap around the small wreath next to it.

Wrapping the wire around to connect the small wreaths together will also make your paw print wreath more stable.  

It’s as easy as that.

Even Winston approves of this paw print wreath!

I hope this has inspired you! 

Happy decorating!


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