Brett MacLean is back!!

Title: Red

Series: A Brett MacLean Duet

Author: JM Walker

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 7

It started without trust. Passion. Lust. An all-consuming need; that was all we had in the beginning.
Lies. Betrayal. Deceit. We moved past it all and fell in love anyway.

Over ten years later, with a family of our own, our little world was perfect. Happy.
But then that happiness faded away when she came into our lives.
No control. No power. Just heartbreak and unwanted submission.

We were forced to our knees at the sight of her. The words falling from her lips were like nails digging at our soul because we knew.

We would have to go through hell to get out of this.
And even then, I wasn’t sure if it would be enough.




WOW, talk about a book hangover!

This was one of my most anticipated reads for this year. Brett is still one of my top book boyfriends, even after all these years.  I was so excited to get more.

In true JM style this book makes you feel EVERYTHING! To say it’s an emotional roller coaster would be an understatement. Brett and Evvie have been through so much. RED isn’t any easier for them. If anything, this was the hardest thing they’ve had to overcome.

I cried. I screamed at both Brett and Evvie in my head. I wanted to throw my kindle across the room. That’s how into this book I was. Even through all of that, I had hope that everything would be ok. As much as J.M. rips our hearts apart, she does an amazing job at putting them back together again.

And the epilogue… just wow!!

The second book is Possessed by You. It’s written in Brett’s POV.  Not only did I enjoy getting to see his side of things, but also that we got to go back to the beginning.

Well done JM, well done.


J.M. Walker is an Amazon bestselling author who loves all things books, pigs and lip gloss. She is happily married to the man who inspires all of her Heroes and continues to make her weak in the knees every single day.

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