How To: 5 Tips For Decorating For The Seasons

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Featured, How to, KUWTR

5 Tips On Decorating For The Seasons!

Like most of us I was finding different ways to bring joy into our home in 2020. One way I did that was by decorating for the different seasons. 

While this could coast you, I found some cute décor additions that didn’t hurt my bank account. Most of these items are from Hobby Lobby. Make sure to check out their sales, they change every week.

I am known for going all out on my Christmas decorations, I try to make it look like you walked into a Hallmark movie, but for this I tried to focus on little touches.

Hope this helps you add a little something to your home!

Floral Picks

To keep things easy I keep my floral arrangement on my table the same and add different picks depending on the season. Here I added burlap stars for July 4th/summer. 

It’s an easy tip that is quick and easy to store away. 

With this item you can use it in many ways. They are great to change up a wreath quickly. A great add to other greenery you have around the house and they are great to pull apart and stick inside lanterns. 

Just by changing the picks out changes the look of the arrangement!

Glass Containers

This is probably the easiest, but one of my favorite tips. The possibilities on this one are endless! It can be as simple as adding different candy that is the color of the season you are decorating for. Right now my candy jar is filled with red, pink and white candy for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve used pumpkins and leaves for fall, eggs for Easter/spring and stuffed fabric stars for summer/4th of July. I also have a container where I put different cupcake liners in.

It’s a great way to have a pop of color on your counters or tables. 

Window Clings

Window clings are not just for windows. Plus, you can find some really pretty ones for what ever season it it! This set came from Walmart and I had enough to also do the mirror in our master bathroom. I love how they can transform the look of a mirror and that you can use them multiple times. I also like the idea of putting them on a glass hurricane vase with a battery operated candle. 


Pillows for every season! Not sure about you, but I can never have enough!  Right now Kirkland’s is my favorite place to get them. I keep a set of red out all the time and I add in my seasonal ones to them. The thing with pillows is that they can get pricey and take up a lot of room when storing them. But my tip for you is pillow covers! You can get pillow inserts and just change out the covers. I’ve picked some of mine up from Hobby Lobby and Amazon. 

Year Round Tree

Now I know this last tip is not for everyone, but man does mine make me happy! Most of the items I found at Hobby Lobby and some I’ve made. Their wood shapes are great to customize and stick in the tree. You could easily paint them or you can decoupage tissue paper, napkins or scrapbook paper to get the look you want for the season. Mine is in a wooden crate that I stained so it looks less like a Christmas tree. Even doing this on a smaller tree can be so much fun. I absolutely love being able to be creative doing this, but the lights at night are my favorite thing about it. 

I hope that I’ve shared some ideas that have inspired you to add some different touches each season to your home.

Just remember, have fun and do what makes you happy!

Happy decorating!


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