All hail the Queen 👑

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Hey Babes!

Happy Friday! Lady Biblio has returned with all the tea regarding the Queen of Romance, Kennedy Ryan. Check it out below…

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Dearest Babes,

Pinkies up, readers! Our very own Kennedy Ryan has been the belle of the ball this month, as Amazon’s highlighted Author of July and now it seems that the wider world is finally discovering what we’ve known all alone, which is that romance readers are a market worth courting. 

It’s evidenced by a billboard in Madison Square Garden featuring Kennedy’s most recent hit, Reel. Coming on the heels of her many other triumphs this year? Now that’s what we call a queen move. Long live the queen!

Rumor has it Queen Kennedy herself will promenade through the streets of New York City this weekend with her very own handsome Knight, and dare we venture stroll in a clandestine meeting or two with film producers? Only time will tell, dear babes, but perhaps those readers who take tea with Kennedy in the Big Apple this weekend will spill. You can find your invitation here.

Your humble narrator will certainly report back on any findings. 

Until our next tea! 

I remain,

Lady Biblio


If you encounter our beloved queen while in New York City, report your findings and tag us in the tea on the Gram @_bibliobabes


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