A little sneak peek into Bayou Beauty!

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A little sneak peek into Bayou Beauty!

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Hey Babes!

Our spotlight is shining on the amazing Lexi Blake (one of our favorites) and her upcoming release – Bayou Beauty! Check out the excerpt below… 

Rene was staring down at her. “Can I kiss you, Sylvie?”


“If we’re awkward, no one’s going to believe us. We’re getting married in the morning. We should at least practice kissing.”

“Maybe we’re one of those private couples who don’t ever engage in PDA.”

“No. We’re affectionate. I’m going to model our fake marriage after your parents. Your parents were affectionate. I remember how your daddy used to chase your momma around the house.”

He was right. They would be expected to be comfortable with each other if their plan was going to work. And she would have to stay here for a while.

Danger. So much danger, and yet she couldn’t deny that she wanted to know. Maybe she’d made too much out of that night back in college. Maybe their chemistry had been an illusion, the hopes and dreams of a lonely girl with a crush on a boy she’d known forever. “Yes, you can kiss me, but it’s only for practice.”

Those generous lips of his kicked up in a devilish grin. “I haven’t kissed anyone in a couple of years. I might need a lot of practice.”

Years? That reminder of how hard life had been on Rene made it easier for her to go up on her toes and tilt her head back, offering her lips up to his. “It’s been years for me, too.”

His expression went soft and his hands went to her waist. “Then we’ll figure it all out again together.”

His lips descended on hers and she knew she’d been wrong in that moment. Her whole body went soft in his arms and she had to wrap herself around him to stay standing, because suddenly the only thing that mattered in the world was that kiss.

He moved cautiously, his hands tightening and his body slightly tense, but his lips were soft. He explored her mouth, lightly dragging his lips across hers. He was patient, giving her all the time she needed to relax into the kiss before she felt him gently pull at her bottom lip, the sensation going through her body like lightning.

It didn’t take much for the kiss to go from cautious to carnal. When she sighed and opened her mouth, he accepted her invitation without hesitation. All thought fled the minute she felt his tongue slide along hers, an invitation to dance.

Oh, she wanted to dance with him. So badly. It wasn’t that she hadn’t kissed anyone since him. She had, but there hadn’t been this wildfire passion that ran through her veins when she’d kissed her last boyfriend. There had been sweetness and familiarity, but not this sense of coming home.

Passion and comfort. That was what Rene Darois was for her. He was excitement and safety, all wrapped in a gorgeous man package that got her heart racing every time she saw him.

She was about to be his wife.

She took a step back. If she didn’t, she might fall into his bed tonight. She had to take a deep breath and worried he could actually hear her heart pounding. “Okay, I think we’ve got that down.”

“I don’t know. We might need more practice, but I agree it’s enough for tonight.”

His breath was slightly shaky, proving he hadn’t been unmoved. “Sylvie…thank you.”

Her heart threatened to melt, because that reddish blond hair of his was always perfect, and now it was slightly messy, and she could see the young man he’d been in his green eyes, the one who’d happily slept on a sleeping bag in her grandfather’s ratty old cabin and got up in the early dawn hours to spend time with an old man.

“I’m happy to do this for you.” She frowned at her next thought. “But I have to tell my mom. I’m not sure how she’s going to handle it.”

“She’s going to put a love spell on me and threaten to whammy me if I hurt you.”

Rene did know her mom. Her mother would be thrilled by the idea of putting one over on Charles Darois. She would view it as a grand adventure and throw herself into the con. “The good news is she puts all her love spells in jasmine tea. It’s pretty tasty.”

A grin crossed his face. “Good to know.”

Bayou Beauty

Love returns to Louisiana’s Butterfly Bayou in a new small-town contemporary romance sure to charm hearts, from New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake.

Sylvie Martine was prepared to take Washington D.C. by storm, but she put that dream on hold when her beloved hometown of Papillon, Louisiana, needed her most. Now Sylvie’s the mayor of the tiny town on the bayou that holds her heart. But for Sylvie, this can only be a pit stop on the way to bigger and better things. The last thing she needs is an old love to resurface and threaten her goals.

Rene Darois’s whole life has been about serving his family—no matter how much it hurts. He’s used to sacrificing for his large extended family and the company his grandfather created. But he can’t believe the latest demand: he needs to find a wife and quick or he could lose it all. It would be a horrible situation. But he has just the solution: his high school sweetheart. Sylvie is everything he wants in a wife—smart, funny, and caring—and he planned to woo her anyway.

Now he just has to convince Sylvie that their love is worth it all, or he and the bayou will lose her forever.


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