Younger: Season 4, episode 6 “A Close Shave”

This episode left me with my mouth on the ground! The ending!!

The dog book that Liza got blackmailed into publishing has surprised them and is really doing well. Now it looks like there is a market for books about what your pet is thinking and the sales from this book is going to help save Empirical.

Diana has Liza bring in ideas for her gift for Charles’ birthday, which ends up showing her how much she really cares for her boyfriend, Richard.

Maggie and Lauren go out for drinks where Maggie meets a new lady friend. The only thing is that she has a mustache situation. These leads to a pretty funny bathtub scene.

Kelsey and Zane enter into a Twitter war that Charles insists that Kelsey ends.  While Kelsey is sleeping over at Zane’s he sees a message about work pop up on her phone. Unfortunately this doesn’t end well for Kelsey, since Zane uses the information to still one of their biggest authors. This puts Kelsey in jeopardy at work as well as Empirical.

Liza runs into Jay, the guy from the bonfire, when she’s out with her daughter and her secret get’s out to yet another person. She ends up meeting him for dinner to explain her situation when Charles is at the same restaurant for a meeting. Jay makes it look like they are on a date so that it doesn’t affect Liza’s career, but it doesn’t sit well with Charles.  Even with it being Charles’ birthday, he’s in a very bad mood after loosing their biggest author. When Liza goes in to talk to him about the situation he goes off and lets her know that he doesn’t understand why she’s dating Jay and not him!  I’m sure all the Team Charles fans were jumping up and down for joy at the end of this episode!

What do you think, will a relationship between Liza and Charles really start now?


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