Yoga by the Dozen DVD Review & Giveaway

by | Aug 4, 2011 | KUWTR

Yoga by the Dozen
Product Information:
Discover an exercise that fosters respect, coordination, and self-confidence for kids!  It’s Yoga, of course!  Children are natural yogis because of their “in the moment attitude”.  Yoga nourishes their mind, body and spirit and paves the way for a life-long tradition of health and fitness.
“Yoga By The Dozen” DVD is a fun, interactive children’s yoga video, designed especially for kids ages 2-6.  JoAnna and her 12 friends demonstrate a ‘dozen’ fundamental poses that will introduce your children into the exciting world of Yoga.
Yoga By The Dozen is an online company of kids yoga products featuring a yoga DVD for kids ages 2-6. Fun, colorful T-Shirts that have yoga catch phrases to remind us what body parts we use for different actions. “Breathe” for our lungs. “Love” for our hearts. Yoga Mats with hand and feet prints to provide a guide of where our hands and feet go in downward facing dog. Bags so our little yogis can carry the mats around town.
Key Benefits:
      Increased cognitive and motor skills
      Confidence, courage and self-esteem
       Balance and coordination
       Memory retention and concentration
       Nurture creativity and self-expression
       Respect for themselves and each other
Yoga By The Dozen DVD $17.99.
I was super excited to do a review of this yoga dvd!! I thought what a great way to exercise with Alex and teach her a healthy habit! I really liked the T-shirts that the kids wear in the video. It shows the kids where you organs are, which I think is important when you teaching them to breathe through there lungs. The actual yoga moves are not for a beginner but I think if you are making this a routine exercise then you and your child will master the moves. My hubby, Alex, and I had a great time doing this as a family and give it two thumbs up! We recommend this great dvd to others.
How would you like to try the Yoga By The Dozen DVD for you and your family?? YBTD has generously offered one DVD to one of our readers!! Just enter on the Rafflecopter entry form below! If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment. Good Luck and Thanks for entering.

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Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to review for Yoga By The Dozen.  I received (1) DVD for review purposes only. Yoga By The Dozen provided (1) DVD as a giveaway for our readers. I was not compensated to write a positive or favorable review. This is Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s personal opinion.


  1. Leanne

    Seriously cute!

  2. BusyWorkingMama

    Cutie pie! I love the pig tails on her! Happy Wednesday!

  3. Brandi

    She is ADORABLE! I love her shirt! Did you make it?

  4. The Rheinlander's

    @ Brandi… no I wish I knew how to sew but sadly I don't! Her Grandma bought it for her : )

  5. Amanda

    Oh she is so adorable! I love the shirt!

  6. Alicia C.

    She's getting so much cuter each time you post a new picture!

  7. ~ Noelle

    i heart her!!lol, what a doll

  8. aquariann

    She is adorable!! Does she ♥ My Little Ponies, too? I've been watching that during breakfast on the Hub network. ^.^-:¦:- WW: Starred, Not Shaken -:¦:-

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