Thanks to Always Just a Mom for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award! I love getting these awards!! It really makes you feel great!

So Here is How It Works:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award by linking back to them in your post.

2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 15 lovely bloggers.

4. Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news!

~7 Things about me:
  • I love my little monkey more than I could have ever have imagined!!
  • My Husband is my best friend : )
  • I am very open & honest… sometimes to a fault!
  • I am a very loyal friend… I take friendship very seriously!!
  • I love to Read… I have my own personal library (hubby calls me a book hoarder)!
  • I am very passionate for what & who I believe in. 
  • I really enjoy blogging… I have made great friends and new discoveries blogging!

Thanks again to Always Just A Mom for this award! 

Here are 15 great bloggers…

1. My Munoz Family
2. Life of a New Mommy
3. Modern Mom, Redefined
4. Fresh Mommy
5. Mommie Cooks!
6. Tammy’s Two Cents
7. Texas Type A Mom
8. The New Glasers… Post Wedding
9. The Pixelista Design
10. Planet Weidknecht
11. Fade Into Fantasy
12. Book ♥ Soulmates  
13. Stephanie, A History
14. I read Banned Books 
15. Confessions of a Page Turner

Go check them out! Tell them I said Hello!

Melissa Rheinlander Administrator

Melissa Rheinlander is a Momma to a beautiful, spunky, fun loving little girl. Lover of family, friends, books, Mexican Martinis, sometimes Bloody Marys or Margaritas, & Wine. Melissa has worked in publishing for years, helping International Best-selling authors. She is the owner of MSRheinlander Consulting as well as Biblio Babes.

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