Wordless Wednesday #Linky ~ Waiting on Daddy!

by | Sep 13, 2011 | KUWTR

Waiting on Daddy to get out of Lowe’s
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  1. bigguysmama

    Honestly, DSs are such a blessing! They come thru every time! You can find my boys laying like this with their DSs at any given point!


  2. blueviolet

    I’m thinking he can take his time. She’s pretty content!

  3. Jennifer

    And that is why modern technology is every parents best friend! LOL!

  4. Tammy

    That’s too cute!

  5. Aleksandra Nearing

    Looks like she was entertaining herself pretty wekk 🙂

  6. MWAC

    I don’t have a clue what we did before DS’s and smartphones. Totally keep the kids entertained for at least an hour at a time.

  7. Amy

    I can’t imagine motherhood with out modern technology. And one day, your daughter will look back and be like, “What kind of outdated crap did you let me play with?! Geez, that’s so lame.”

  8. Sarah

    These new devices are great and I personally also spend (waste?) hours playing on my phone. But to be fair, when I was little I did the same thing in the car with a book! Probably a good thing for keeping sibling wars at bay, too!
    Cute pic!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  9. Joann Mannix

    My girls are all teens. I’m envious that we didn’t have the portable DVD’s and the DS’s and all of the other electronic devices of today.

    And OMG, for the amount of time my husband spent in Lowe’s back in the day, I would have given my right arm for that kind of magic!

  10. Texas Type A Mom

    My daughter does that too! She needs an iPhone or iPad if there’s too much waiting or sitting still involved. It’s such a lifesaver these days at restaurants.

  11. Shelly Peterson

    So cute! :)How lucky, My son could never patiently wait like that. He doesn’t have a game system, but it’s on his Christmas list. I think we will both be happy if he gets one lol

    This is an entry for BOLD, Thanks.

  12. stacythemagnificentmommy

    Love how she has her feet up! LOL That is so cute! Kids sure seem to find funny positions comfortable.

    BOLD comment!

  13. ArtMuseDog and Carol

    So adorable ~ they grow fast! ~namaste, carol from A Creative Harbor (linked with aquariann’s wordless weds)

  14. Kayce

    aw! she’s pretty cute! looks like she’s having fine while waiting for daddy 🙂

    for giveaway ROUND UP! ^_^


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