Wordless Wednesday… Almost

by | Jan 5, 2011 | KUWTR

My momma (Mimi) came to visit for 3 weeks to spend time with Alex over the Holidays! As some of you know Alex has been taking swimming lessons for 6+ months!! I highly recommend it for infants… she loves the water!! So we took Mimi to the Y to show off Alex’s water skills!
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  1. KatieMay

    Our oldest started swim lessons at an early age and it has been great for her. I gotta get Baby G going now. Cute pics!

  2. Alicia@ Mommy Delicious

    Aww… so cute. My son has been taking lessons for the past year and he loves it! I also highly recommend it for infants and toddlers. Looks like you all had a fun time! Yay!

  3. Tammy

    So good to see her excited about swimming…

    Glad you had such a great visit with your mom! How fun!

  4. My Muñoz Family

    So cute! Glad ya’ll are getting to take advantage of it! 🙂

  5. Day 2 Day Living

    Following you from Thursday’s Friends blog hop.
    I must say you have an adorable little girl. Glad she got to spend time w/ mimi.

  6. Kate

    Aww those pictures are so flippin’ cute 🙂


  7. Brandi

    She is super cute! Coming over from Friday Blog Hop at Home Grown Families! 🙂

  8. Melissa

    So sweet. Both my kids love the water, and learned to swim very young. My youngest is like a fish, preferring to swim underwater rather than on top of the water.

  9. Boone Brux

    Big hugs, Danielle. This is a good lesson for many women. We can literally kill ourselves trying to do it all. Some adversaries turn out to be blessings. You'll be amazing even if the laundry doesn't get done.

  10. Roxanne Rhoads

    Hugs to you- I completely understand. I think working moms always try to do it all and we forget to delegate or even ask for help.

  11. Marissa Farrar

    Screw this 'wonder woman' crap! Do men have to be 'wonder men'? I'll be the first one to admit that my house is in desperate need of a deep clean, its been several days since I washed my hair and I couldn't even tell you the last time I did my nails. But you know what, my kids are happy, clean and well fed, and I'm writing my ass off. Those are my priorities.Look after your health and family, the rest will fall into place in time. XXX

  12. Greta Goddard

    This year has taught me that life can throw you the craziest curve balls. You can rail against what fate has delivered you, or work with the cards you have been dealt.Marissa is right – nothing is more important that your health and your family.Cut yourself some slack – you have the fortitude to deal with all of this once you have rested and regrouped. You can't keep a good woman down for long 😉 x

  13. Danielle Gavan

    Thanks, ladies. Have I told you how much you all rock lately?


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