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This post is inspired by My Munoz Family and TexaGermaNadian whom each did a post on what they love about TEXAS!! In which I was inspired to write my own post on why I LOVE TEXAS!!! I was born in the panhandle and raised all over Texas. I also lived a few years in OK when I was a kid, and 4 years in Cali while going to CSUS, but have always come back to Austin… Austin is where I call home.
So here are my reasons for loving Texas…
~ Roots… you really feel at home here! (No matter where you were from before)
~ Tex Mex… MMM YUMMY – Maudies, Trudy’s, Texican just to name a few
~ HEB grocery stores (there are 2 on every corner! LOL)
~ Southern Hospitality… it should be taught all over!! A smile, a warm hello, etc. 
~ The outdoors… you can go and do just about anything outdoors in this state!
~ BBQ – **True story I lived in Cali for a while and was going to have a BBQ went to the meat counter asked for a brisket and the butcher looked at me like I was crazy then asked what part of the cow that was… I laughed and said the brisket part??!!??
~ Football~ There s nothing like Texas Football! From Pop Warner to the NFL
~ Longhorns Yes they are in their own class : )
~Live Music ~Austin, TX is the Live Music Capitol of the World
~Most importantly My Life, My family is the best thing about Texas!!
I always tell people when they come to Texas that they are never going to want to leave! You just fall in love with this place. This place is unique! There is also nothing like Texans pride for their state! Gotta Love It!


  1. My Muñoz Family

    Yeah!! Now when is our next Mommy’s night at Texican?! 😉

  2. Kirby

    Aww I loved this post, I was born in the panhandle of Texas too and I miss it so much, one day we will move back! Texas is the Bestest! Haha!

  3. Texas Type A Mom

    I’m a transplant and have to say I agree and feel very at home here!

    And I love me some Trudy’s – now where’s Chuy’s and Hula Hut?!

  4. The Rheinlander's

    @Texas Type A Mom.., Haha Yes Love Hula Hut and all the little mom and pop resturaunts!!

  5. Date Girl

    I would love to visit Texas. House hunter episodes of Texas homes always have me drooling. You can get gorgeous homes in Texas for the cost of a small cottage in California. Oh, and what the heck is a brisket??


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