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by | Jul 31, 2011 | KUWTR

We had a pretty good weekend at home (trying to stay cool of course)! Friday we grilled Salmon and had Spinich with Mushrooms (recipe to come later), and mashed potatoes… YUM!! After dinner we just hung out and relaxed. Daddy gets a badge for budget friendly finds because Saturday morning he came home from a garage sale with a toddler bike for Alex that he paid $1.00 for…
yep you read that right!! He also came home with a sewing machine for me WOOHOO… it needs one part but he paid $10.00 for it!! Now who wants to teach me how to sew : ) Of course we had to take a trip to Target to get Alex a helmet and then after her nap we surprised her with her “newsed” bike! She loved it!! For whatever reason Alex decided that she needed to go swimming… in the dog’s water bucket!! Sunday was full of fun! We went to watch Auntie T’s horse show! Alex just loves the horses! Alex was really good for her first horse show. Plus Auntie placed well… YAY!! After the show we came home and grilled some steaks and Alex decided she needed to go swimming… in the dog bowl AGAIN!! Not sure what I am going to do with her!! LOL! Here are some of our favorite pics from the weekend! Enjoy…
We hope y’all had a wonderful weekend too!!


  1. Texas Type A Mom

    What a great deal on the bike! Alex looks like she’s doing a great job of learning to peddle! I’m having a hard enough time teaching Cakes to peddle on her tricycle but I think the seat might be too high for her. The pics in the dog bowl are hilarious – kids are fascinated by things that belong to the dog. Has she eaten any of the dog food yet?!

  2. The Rheinlander's

    Peddling is a gonna take some work : ) She is fascinated by the dogs stuff… luckily no she doesn’t eat their food but she likes to get it piece by piece and feed it to each of the dogs : )

  3. Tammy

    What a great deal! $1??? Awesome! I love the dog pool she made. I can remember Emily playing in a plastic container full of water until we got her a bigger pool…lol! Sounds like a fun weekend! 🙂


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