Weekend Rewind… Ring Dunk!!

by | Sep 19, 2011 | KUWTR

Last week was a rough one for us… sickness took over the house and it was my busiest blog week ever!! So when the weekend came we were ready for it!! Friday we spent at home relaxing and getting ready for our trip to College Station. Saturday we were up early and on our way to drop Alex off with Grandma & Pappy, so that we could spend the day with Uncle B. He received his ring and was ready to “dunk” it! We are very proud of him and all he has accomplished over the last several years of college!! Gig Em’ : )

 We had a great time celebrating B’s accomplishment with the family! While boys went off for pizza I had a great dinner with the MIL, and then Michael & I headed back to Grandma & Pappy’s to stay with our little monkey! The next day we had breakfast then headed out to the Ranch to pick up the camper to get ready for camping, and headed home! All in all a busy but great weekend!!

On a more serious note… one thing I would like to touch on is driving thru Bastrop!! The devastation the wildfire has left behind is crazy to see in person!! It really resonates sadness throughout you. To see the ash, the blackness, and all that was left of the houses were metal roofs… leaves you in awe!! I think the craziest thing I saw as we were driving was a cul-de-sac and there were 4 or 5 house burnt to the ground and then there was one house standing, saved from the fire!!  I could not imagine having our house burn down… but then to have your whole neighborhood burn down… inconceivable!! 

I hope that those of you in the Austin area are going thru your clothes, house, and bank account to donate to these families in need!!


  1. Tin

    Entry for the ROUND UP

    You must’ve been so proud of him!

  2. Fe

    congratulations to your brother !

    (an entry for the Round Up)


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