Weekend Rewind… Memorial Camping

by | May 31, 2011 | KUWTR

This long holiday weekend we spent camping at the Lake with friends and family! It was fantastic… really hot and windy but still fantastic!! Alexandra loved every minute of it! We are normally camping down the beach but the driving conditions were not too great! So we headed to the Lake and I am really glad that we did!! The camping spaces were awesome plus we had water/electrical hook ups -Bonus(we definitely don’t have that down the beach!).

Look at the view from our lot : ) 

I really liked that we were pretty spaced out from other campers. and the water was far enough that I didn’t have to worry about Alex getting in with out us right there but close enough to enjoy it! Alex had a blast… she made some new friends and ran around like crazy! She actually took naps (that doesn’t really happen at the beach). Well we all took naps…

 Awe… I LOVE those two!! She tired herself out every night. The first night after her shower (the showers/restrooms were really nice there) she was so tired Daddy had a hard time putting her PJ’s on… she was trying to crawl off to the pillows telling him nite nite! We had so much fun. I know I keep saying that but we did! We fried fish that Daddy had caught last week and shared it with EVERYONE! The last day while enjoying the lake, Alex had her first tubing experience being pulled behind the jet ski! SHE LOVED IT!!

 We may just have to make this our new Memorial weekend trip!! Thanks to our friends and family for such a great time! We really had a blast! We hope that you all had a wonderful weekend but most importantly THANK YOU to all our soldiers and their families they are what Memorial Day is all about, their sacrifice!!


  1. My Muñoz Family

    Awwe! So glad ya’ll had fun!! She looks so cute in her life jacket!

  2. Brandi

    Looks like a blast! I am hoping our weather gets really hot here-then we can go camping too! 🙂


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