Weekend Rewind… Late Edition

by | Apr 11, 2011 | KUWTR

We were looking forward to this past weekend for a while… Friday we had family time with grilled salmon and veggies. Snuggled up and spent some quality time together. Sat ~Michael & I had a wedding to go to in Corpus. So we dropped the kiddo off with Grandma & Pappy and headed out to have a good time. {Before reading the rest of this just a little background I almost never drank before I met my hubby. Only in the last couple of years have I actually enjoyed a glass of wine or a few drinks… and had never really been drunk before Saturday night!} The wedding was great, the bride looked beautiful, and it was a short ceremony which is always nice ; )  We headed over to the reception site which looked gorgeous (no I don’t have pics of that… yes I suck). While waiting for dinner we got a few drinks… which is where it all began for me!! Dinner was yummy, Dancing was a blast, and just hanging out with good friends was nice. Let me just say that I had a really good time till that last glass of wine, after that I don’t remember much! LOL! Luckily that last glass was just before midnight and I was in bed well before 1 am(I think)! Thanks to my lovely friend Leslie for taking care of me and my hubby too!! Here are some cool pics from the reception that was taken in a photo booth they had set up! I highly recommend them – the booth was so much fun!!

Sunday after sleeping in, and a few Aleve… we went over to the Boat & RV show. Watched some pretty cool boat races…

and then had a seafood lunch before heading back to pick up Alex. When we got to Grandma & Pappy’s, Alex was outside playing and saw us pull up, took off running for us calling Mommy, Daddy… Loved it!!!  We had dinner and then drove home. We tried to get Alex to cuddle up with us but all she wanted was her own bed!! She can be so independent! I spent today trying to rest up and catch up on laundry. We hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Texas Type A Mom

    How fun! I love the photo booth pics that a lot of people are having at weddings. It definitely makes for more interesting and less structured reception pics!


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