Weekend Rewind… #Beach Camping!!

by | Sep 26, 2011 | KUWTR

This past weekend we finally went camping down the beach!! We had a few bumps along the way… We had a blowout on the camper! So we had to stop and my Mr. Fix it changed the tire quickly and we were back on the road. About 45 minutes later (and 19.5 miles from the tire shop) I asked the Hubby if we were just going to go ahead and replace both tires… literally as I said that the other tire blew out!!! I couldn’t help but laugh and say I guess that would be a yes!! So needless to say we unhooked the camper and I went to replace the tires and then come back to pick up the Hubby and camper! We finally reached the beach around 9:15 pm and stopped at our camping spot about 10:30!! Unfortunately with the blowouts the water lines were messed up so Hubby had to work on that so we could have water!! All in all we had a great time!!  The Hubby & JD caught several fish including red fish, king mackerel, and a little shark. Alexandra had a WONDERFUL time playing in the sand, the ocean, and with some mullet fish! We were ready top pack up, get home, and as we were on the road home not very far out of Corpus… Another blowout!! Yep 3 blowouts!! Once that was changed and we were back on our way home, I took over driving!! I have to pat myself on the back it was my first time pulling the camper and I didn’t do half bad : ) I drove for about an hour and a half then the Hubby took back over and got us safely home!! What a trip!! Still looking forward to the next camping trip!! Here is a few pictures from our trip…


  1. Brandi

    Thanks! And congrats! Hopefully I will get it up this week-if not please don't hate me! LOL

  2. Tammy

    Thanks girl! You are so sweet. 🙂 (As always!)

  3. S. Greiner

    Congrats again! Really enjoy your blog and thanks for posting your award so quickly!!!I hope you have a great week!

  4. Texas Type A Mom

    Congrats on the award and thank you for giving it to me too!

  5. Aleksandra Nearing

    Great pictures! Sorry to hear about the issues but sounds like it worked out! Have a great week!

  6. Rachel R.

    I’m glad that you were able to have a great time despite all the tire mishaps!

  7. Brandi

    I’m with Rachel! I am glad you had a great time, even though you had so many crazy things happen! 🙂

    Just curious, did you get the aprons? And if so, did you like them???? I just want to make sure you got them. I am not worried about a post, and if you did a post, I missed it.

  8. Texas Type A Mom

    Beautiful pics! It sounds like the time at the beach was a lot of fun. Glad you were able to get everything worked out.

  9. Janet W.

    (This is for an extra entry in your Happy Napper Giveaway)

    I’m so glad you all had a great time! I can’t believe you had that many tire blowouts in one trip! Super timing, huh?! 😉


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