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by | May 2, 2011 | KUWTR

We had a full and busy weekend!! Friday we had Girl’s Night at my house. Big thank you to the Hubby for taking the Little Monkey and vacating the house for us!! We had a chick flick but ended up listening to music, chatting and laughing it up!! It was a lot of fun to just hang out, have some yummy appetizers, and drink lots of some wine!! Here are a couple of pics…

Saturday morning was weird for me… I was at home alone with no kid or hubby(I don’t think that has ever happened before)! We had a very full day ahead of us. Alex was at Grandma & Pappy’s, Michael was helping some friends put together a play set, plus we had two parties to get to! So I headed to Grandma’s to get the Little Monkey for the first party. Little Miss J turned 9 and had a big bounce house water slide… Alex loved it!! She wouldn’t even come in for cake and ice cream, all she wanted was water, water!! After hanging out with friends for awhile we had another get together to stop at for Big D’s birthday! Pizza, Beer, and the UFC fight. We didn’t stay long because Alex was passed out and I was exhausted plus by the time we got over there the fight was over and people were leaving. Sunday the hubby went to play golf, and Alex and I enjoyed breakfast with Grandma & Pappy! Once the Hubby was finished playing golf we went out to lunch at a new little Mexican restaurant… which was YUMMY! It is getting super hard to take Alex out to eat anywhere (UGH!). After eating we packed up and headed home! We were all exhausted and laid around, snuggled up watching TV. I made breakfast for dinner and we watched the Fantastic Mr. Fox to end the weekend. We had a fun, crazy busy weekend… How was yours??

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  1. Brandi

    We had a lot of fun over the weekend too (as you already know). 🙂 Glad you guys had fun! It’s nice to have busy weekends sometimes isn’t it! 🙂


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