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by | May 22, 2011 | KUWTR

This past weekend was just me and the little monkey! Alex still has an earache in one ear so we stayed pretty low profile with one visit to Dr. B and the grocery store plus there has been thunderstorms off and on and tornado warnings for the last several days. Not that we hardly received enough rain… we really need some more! Back to Alex and Mommy time… we really hung out played inside, watched movies (she is actually wanting to watch more than just Elmo… YAY!!), and loved every minute of it. I am exhausted though, Alex gets very clingy and is like a spider monkey crawling all over you when she is sick. I just hope she is over this earache! I will have to say that even when she is cranky and sick… it is not that bad just wares on me because she gets whiny! I am not good with whiny – LOL! We really missed Daddy! He has been gone for several days and can’t wait for him to get home from his fishing trip with some fresh fish! Just to end this post with a smile here is one of my favorite pics of Alex and Me from when she was about 7 or 8 months old…. 

I love this little thing!! We hope that you had a wonderful weekend!! Any plans for Memorial Weekend??


  1. Brandi

    Oh, that picture is adorable! I hope that she feels better soon! I am also hoping for rain tomorrow and maybe Tuesday…then I want it to get hot outside! But I could really use two more days in our house to get some more stuff done! 🙂

  2. Texas Type A Mom

    Poor Alex! I hope she’s feeling better today!

    And of course we leave town and it rains. Too bad it wasn’t enough to get us out of this awful drought. It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

  3. Texas Type A Mom

    What a great deal on the bike! Alex looks like she's doing a great job of learning to peddle! I'm having a hard enough time teaching Cakes to peddle on her tricycle but I think the seat might be too high for her. The pics in the dog bowl are hilarious – kids are fascinated by things that belong to the dog. Has she eaten any of the dog food yet?!

  4. The Rheinlander's

    Peddling is a gonna take some work : ) She is fascinated by the dogs stuff… luckily no she doesn't eat their food but she likes to get it piece by piece and feed it to each of the dogs : )

  5. Tammy

    What a great deal! $1??? Awesome! I love the dog pool she made. I can remember Emily playing in a plastic container full of water until we got her a bigger pool…lol! Sounds like a fun weekend! 🙂


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