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by | Jul 25, 2011 | KUWTR

Whew… where did the weekend go!!We had another great weekend! Busy but not too busy! Friday we had family friends over for a fish fry. Dinner was so good! The fish was fresh from the Hubby’s fishing trip last week! It was nice to sit and catch up with the James family! Saturday Grandma came up and had lunch with us then we all went
to a baby shower for Baby Bryson! Alex was pretty good considering she hadn’t taken a nap yet! She actually didn’t take a nap at all and ended up passing out early! I think everyone was asleep by 10:30 that night! Sunday we went out on the boat(s) with Papaw and Uncle B! We had a blast! Alex just loves the water!  First we went out on the speed boat and watched as Uncle B “surfed” and then swam around for a while! Then Papaw noticed that the wind had picked up and was steady so off to the sailboat we went! We sailed around for a while then happened upon a swarm of BEES!! It was pretty crazy… they ended up on the mast and just hanging out(you can see in one of the small pic in the second collage). So we decided to end our boating for the day and came home! Here are our pics from the weekend! Enjoy…
On Our way to the Lake… Hamming it up : )
Enjoying the Lake & our Family!!

For all of the new followers WELCOME and thanks for joining KUWTR! I hope you enjoy our family adventures! Please feel free to comment and get to know us : )


  1. Brandi

    She is such a cutie! She looks a lot like you!

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. RoryBore

    sounds like a fabulous weekend! but, where did the bees come from? I’m intrigued…

  3. Texas Type A Mom

    Sounds like a perfect weekend! Well, except for Alex skipping her nap.


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