Weekend in Fredricksburg

by | Oct 12, 2010 | KUWTR

Since Alex was feeling all better, Michael & I went ahead with our weekend away to Fredrickburg. It was the first time that Alex stayed with Nana & Papaw… and the longest I have been away from her!! We left early Friday evening (both of us feeling a little aprhensive about being away from Alex)! We rented a house for the weekend in Fredricksburg- peach and wine country. Tonite was date night… we checked in, the house was cute – BUT I was disappointed about how dirty and yucky it smelled!! Yes I know old houses can have a certain “musty odor” but this hit you in the stomach… it was okay after we aired it out but very disappointing when you pay for something and it doesn’t turn out the way it is advertised! Enough about the disappointing part of the weekend!!
Michael and I went to dinner at Rathskellers (which was yummy!!) and then to Hondo’s for live music and more drinks : ) Date night was great is was nice to just hang out with the hubby!! Saturday our friends Eric and Summer (fellow blogger) came up and we just hung out shopping, wine tasting, beer drinking, and eating! We spent the whole day walking Main Street… at one point we split up Summer & I went to the House Wine Bar and the hubby’s went to Auslander’s to watch “the game”, which was nice because Summer and I got a chance to chit chat and talk about old times. It was nice to hang out and not worry about kids or going home!! We decided that we would do a weekend away at least once a year! When we got home, Nana reported that Alex was a piece of cake!! When Alex woke up from her nap she was so cute – she kept going from Michael to me and then back to Michael for about 15 minutes straight! We took her to the park for some family time!! Here are a couple of pics…(most of the pics are on Summer’s camera b/c mine was left in a shopping bag…oops!!). Enjoy!

Michael & I at Hondo’s

 Summer & Eric

 Alex loves to swing!!

 Alex enjoying the slide!

Daddy & Alex


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