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by | Jun 3, 2011 | KUWTR

WOOHOO!! Check this out 184 Animals have found their homes in the last week!! How AWESOME that!! Thanks to those of you that donated or adopted!!

Thank You: 184 Animals Found Homes

We are incredibly grateful for all of the support that we received from the community over the past week after we took in over150 dogs from a Bastrop County home. The dogs came from deplorable living conditions where they were severely neglected. Despite their living conditions, we were amazed at how sweet and loving these dogs are, and many are now enjoying life with their new families.

Many of the dogs underwent intensive grooming to prepare them for adoption. During this phase we saw many amazing transformations, such as Happy’s (pictured on left), who is now living happily with a loving owner and Yorkie sister thanks to supporters like you!  Watch the video Dirty Dog created to see what it was like to be here at the shelter last week.

On Saturday, we held our first Austin Kitty Limits & Puppy-Palooza event, where hundreds of potential adopters lined around the building waiting for the chance to visit with one of our 250 adoptable animals (including over 75 of the Bastrop Rescue Dogs and 100 kittens from Town Lake Animal Center and our fosters). We are pleased to announce that 184 animals found loving families that day!

“I grew up with cats and have been wanting to adopt, but my former roommate was deathly allergic. When I heard about how many cats would be at this event I thought it would be the best chance to find my perfect kitty, and I was right! When I saw Foxy I instantly fell in love!  Foxy is very happy in her new home and is constantly purring contentedly as she receives lots of affection and a stream of new toys.  It’s such a joy to come home to a furry friend every day who greets me at the door with a sweet nose kiss!” – Brynn, Foxy’s adopter.

The remaining Bastrop dogs are either currently available for adoption or will be ready for adoption in the coming weeks. Thank you for donating time, items, and money to help these animals! 


  1. Xmas Dolly

    Thanks for stopping by, and for this Post. I watched the video too. Those pups were so cute, and isn’t it amazing how people come together when there’s help needed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Angela Sue Gross

    What a heartwarming post. I have a very sweet rescue dog and am a big proponent of adopting dogs from rescue organizations rather than from breeders. Thank you! Angela Sue Gross

  3. Angela Sue Gross

    By the way — my post, just above, about the SPCA, is for the Roundup Sweepstakes! 😉


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