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The Toweligator was first conceptualized in the Caymen Islands by Martin Hellkamp and his wife and was then perfected further north. The warm, tropical sun was bronzing their skin while their minds relaxed and a refreshing ocean breeze…kept blowing the towels off their chairs. “There has to be a better way!” And so the adventure began; to end the frustration of beach and pool towels staying everywhere but the chair.
As they dove into the creative seas of invention to produce a masterpiece that is functional, fun, and affordable, the Toweligator came to life! The product was originally developed to hold your beach towel in place with it’s gator-like grip and it’s strong and flexible tail, but the Toweligater’s uses continue to expand. Now you may find Toweligtors holding snacks, toys, clothes, and small pets off the ground to dry or securely in one place.
Toweligator designer and developer, Martin Hellkamp, hold’s a degree in Aerospace Engineering and served as a design engineer in the Navy before committing 30 years to the health care industry. His passion to develop innovative ideas and produce a unique and functional product has driven the Toweligator to the top. Look for fun, new designs coming soon.
Toweligator has personality, functionality, and affordability!ENDLESS USES:
Toweligators are a must have for every beach bag, boat, and pool deck! Don’t miss an opportunity to order this season’s most popular, most talked about innovation. The Toweligator is NOT only seen on TV!
Vacations and days by the pool are supposed to be relaxing and fun, not spent chasing your towel. No more dual role hair clips, tying knots, finding safety pins or constantly adjusting your towels. Let a team of Toweligators grip and fasten your towels right where you need them.
Originally designed to hold your beach towel securely in place, either in the sand or on your beach chair, its practical uses are endless. Use your imagination, then allow team gator to hold your glasses out of the sand and your snack bag sealed on YOUR towel.
The unique and well-researched design allows the bendable tail to attach almost anywhere to make it the most versatile and fun clamp on the market. The tail can bend around chair backs, closet rods, tree limbs, and boat decks making the Toweligator not just a beach clamp, but the everywhere clamp. The strong gator-grip jaws ensure your belongings stay where you put them. Take your Toweligators everywhere!
Buy’em for gifts, buy’em for vacations, or buy’em for laughs. Just buy’em!

These are GREAT little gadgets!! They can be used in so many different ways, and for so many things! I like them because you can just throw them in your beach bag and go. I used them after Alex’s swim lesson so that her towel wasn’t on the bathroom floor! I will be using them on the boats too or when we go camping! I really like the fact that you can bend them to use as you need them! They are inexpensive and we definitely reccomend them to others!!

You can purchase your own Toweligator HERE
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Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to review Toweligator through the Family Review Network. I received one Toweligator pack for review purposes only. I was not compensated to write a positive or favorable review. This is Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s personal opinion.


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