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This weekend was very exhausting… first we cleaned the camper and packed it so it’s ready to roll whenever we want. Then we took it to Lockhart for storage and also went to a birthday party for Bailey(3) and Kate (1). There were a ton of kids running around!! Alex had so much fun playing and visiting with everyone!! When she got tired I decided to take her to grandma’s for a bath and then night night time. She was so amped up that she didn’t fall asleep until 11pm. After she went to sleep I went back to the party for some adult time. We ended up staying out until 2:30am. By the way still laughing my behind off from KP that night… Hilarious shenanigans!!!! Alex woke up at 8am so I dragged myself out of bed! I felt so tired! I ended up taking a nap (which almost never happens). We celebrated Michael’s birthday since we were at his mom’s by her cooking a yummy lunch for the family! Michael had to work a couple of hours so I dropped him off at work on our way home. I was unloading our 3 dogs when they saw our cat and took off after him… Needless to say I was hot and not happy!! Plus I still had stuff and a kid to unload. As I went to get Alex I was thankful she was still asleep so I get her out of the truck and as soon as I step in the house her eyes pop open and she is wide awake!!! Luckily she was in a good mood. After playing with Alex for a couple of hours it was time to go pick up Daddy and then go to the grocery store! We came home and grilled some salmon and had a pretty relaxing evening till our TV started to flip out. So we went to bed. I woke up this morning not wanting to get out of bed with a headache and so unbelievably tired!!!


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