UGH!!!! I have had the worst couple of days computer wise! I had malware… from the Alexa toolbar!! removed that and also ended up switching to Mozilla because I could not see anything on Internet Explorer with Running active scripts… IE: Imy email, my Twitter feed, GFC Make sure that your computers are protected and check out the sites that you are using and downloading from… don’t just assume it is safe because other bloggers are using it! followers, widgets, you tube videos, so on, and so on!!! It can be so frustrating dealing with technical issues. Especially if you are like me and hardly know a thing about computer stuff! I have learned more in the last 7 months with blogging than ever before! Obviously I still have a ton to learn!! I apologize to my readers/sponsors for the last several days of no post(s) but it was unforeseeable! I am hoping that my technical issues are over for now! I know that it is inevitable… I’m just hoping that it will be minimal!! Two weeks in a row is enough for me. Thank you all for being understanding! If you have any advice for this newbie let me know : )


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  1. Kittie Howard

    Oh, but I so understand. A six-year-old knows more than I do about computers. But, like you said, blogging helps.

    I’ve got an award for you at my place.

  2. Sarita

    Looked on the website! Couldn't find it. I am sure that you did great!

  3. Sarann

    That is cool, and cute baby! I don't think I have. I remember once as a kid the news was doing a report at one of our communities water board meetings and everyone was trying to get in the background. I remember thinking they all looked like a bunch of hicks and I didn't want to be a part of the group even though I would be on TV. I was quoted in People magazine once though.

  4. JamericanSpice

    A few times as a child doing dances and as an adult doing a commercial for my company. Awesome for you on the show. Enjoy it and relax. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jennifer

    Only once, I was on the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon! :-)I'm so excited for your appearance on the Early Show!

  6. CMash

    Good Luck..Glad I get up early..just turned it on so I won't miss it.

  7. Gigi Ann

    Sorry, no morning TV for me. I'm on the computer in the mornings. I'm sure you did great.

  8. Kari

    I've never been on tv and actually have a huge phobia about it. Any time I'm out at a public event and I see a tv news camera, I head in the other direction.

  9. TheAngelForever

    Yes, I was contacted by a local new station to be intereviewed about blogging for a segment they do about women. She came to my house and asked how social media had changed my life. It was an educational experience for all of us ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please let us know if the interview is online. Mornings are crazy here and I rarely see the shows.

  10. Baba

    Only one time when my son went missing. Never again hopefully.

  11. blueviolet

    We were on the Today Show but only as part of the crowd outside. LOL

  12. Texas Type A Mom

    When we lived in California I did some extra work so I've been in a few TV shows and a movie. I can't remember if I've been on TV other than that – I think as a child. Congrats on The Early Show – hopefully they post the segment online!

  13. Lucy

    I was on the Tyra Banks show. I was in a segment about Snooping on your kids and on the stage with 11 other moms, it was very interesting.Anyway, how exciting to be on the CBS Morning Show. Unfortunately, I do not watch but I would love to hear your thoughts on that subject!

  14. Beth M

    Very cool! I hope it went well!!

  15. Smellyann

    Just once, I was in a carpet store commercial in high school. LOL Too cool about your appearance today!

  16. Brandi

    I am going to watch it a little later. But I can't wait to see what you have to say! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Menopausal New Mom

    I've been asked twice by our local station. Once for a story they were doing on wood burning and the second time was when the town was considering paving a green space across the street. I declined both time but did allow them to film me from the elbow down lighting a fire for their footage ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Jennifer

    I was on a bunch of times as a kid; on the news for winning academic competitions, and in a documentary on gifted children (I'm also a chapter in a book!).Huge hugs for being my 100th follower! Here's a kitty from my Book Cat.>(^._.^)<

  19. Katherines Corner

    Darn I missed it. But so happy for you. Congratulations. Can't wait to read your post about it.To answer your question, yes, I've been on the television too. Big Hugs!


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