Younger Episode 9, season 3: Summer Friday

In episode 9, Summer Friday, Kelsey gets the guy she is dating, Collin, an agent for his book. She gets over excited and ends up sharing a little too much about the book in an interview before she even signs the book deal for Millennial. That leads her to loose the deal. I have to give it to her, even though Collin is willing to skip the major deal that he is given to go with her she dosen’t want to hold him back and insists he take the deal.

With a push from her therapist to talk and ask out the next atractive guy she sees, Diana asks out Richard. He’s the family therapist next to hers. It ends with her loosing her therapist and gaining a roomate. Very interested in seeing where this will go!

Josh has a hard time with the fact that he will never be any of Liza’s first. The way Liza helps the situation turns out to be an interesting, sweet, and funny little scene.

Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

If you missed last weeks episode you can watch it at:

Younger is on TV Land, Wednesday nights at 10/9c



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