Younger: Season 4, episode 5 “The Gift of the Maggie”

Kelsey’s work life and personal life collide when one of Zane’s (the editor from a different company that Kelsey’s dating) authors signs with her.  He takes the news well, and it seems like he sees it as friendly competition.  Liza, Charles, Diana are looking for a new author but none of the contenders seem right. One author that Liza does seem to like can’t promise that she will write HEAs (happily ever afters) and Liza, at the beginning, seems ok with this.

Montana takes Josh to her studio that ends up being her parent’s house. Here is learns that she uses other artists’ work, just putting her mark on them, and showing them as her own. One of them is Maggie’s that was gifted to her while Montana worked for her.  Josh has a hard time with what to do, does he tell Maggie or let it go?  He ends up telling Maggie since they are still friends and lets her know about the show that’s coming up, which her piece will be at.  Maggie shows up and goes off on Montana, and I have to say it made me love Maggie even more. Loved this part-–it-s-mine-again   All of this leads to the end of Josh and Montana.  After the show Josh and Liza run into each other and finally have a little talk and Liza tries to explain why she did what she did.  They decide to try and be friendly, but it was sad watching the scene.  After her talk with Josh, Liza changes her mind about HEAs.

I have loved watching the after show videos on Younger’s Facebook page and hearing what the actors went through with the scene.  It seems they all have a close bond even behind the cameras.


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