Younger: Season 4, episode 4 “In the Pink”

I’m so excited that Liza and Kelsey are back to where they were!!!

Liza gets her promotion, but still has to be Diana’s assistant. One of Empirical’s oldest authors passes away at a lunch meeting, and at her funeral Kelsey makes a business move approaching another publisher’s author.  But his editor shows up at their meeting, and it looks like sparks fly between him and Kelsey. It will be interesting to see if it goes any further.

With Josh moving on, Kelsey pushes Liza to move along too. They go out for drinks at one of Liza’s “places” and she meets a guy! They flirt and the next day at work he looks her up to ask if she wants to meet up.  They hit it off and end up hooking up, and she opens up to him about her secret at work. Unfortunately he has a secret of his own, he’s married….

Maggie looses her assistant shortly after she realizes that Josh is Liza’s ex and Lauren and Max break up after he finds her journal where she had been grading their relationship.

Loved that the episode ended with Liza, Kelsey, Maggie, and Lauren all curled up on the couch together. It really reminded me of what the show is really about.


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