Younger: Season 4, episode 3 “Forged in Fire”

I loved last weeks episode. Millennial got invited to be on a panel at a retreat and it’s a huge opportunity.  Kelsey and Liza are still not speaking, so when Charles brings up giving Liza a promotion Kelsey shuts it down. Surprisingly Diana takes her to lunch to talk to her about the problems going on between the two so that Liza’s career isn’t hurt by it.

While they are at the retreat Maggie takes over the items Josh left and they meet at the coffee house her new assistant works at. Josh and Montana hit it off and they end up hooking up…

With no wifi Liza tries again to talk with Kelsey but she’s not having it. It seems like it might be the end for them. After the panel Liza gets approached by another company.  They want her to work for them and with everything going on between her and Kelsey, and what Diana says, Liza gives them her information and says she’s interested. Once they leave to go home and start getting connected to the world again Liza’s phone starts blowing up with missed calls and text messages, something’s happened to her daughter. At the airport waiting to get to Caitlin, Kelsey stays with her and seeing Liza talk to her daughter does changes something for her. I’m thinking they might be able to save their friendship, or at least they give us hope. Especially after she goes back to Charles and agrees that Liza does deserve the promotion.

What do you think of this season of Younger so far?


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