Younger: Season 4, episode 2 “Gettin’ Hygge With It”

Lauren confronts Kelsey for staying with Josh. She thinks that they hooded up and is going to catch her during the walk of shame, but instead finds out that she is living with him. Maggie meets a fan that works at the coffee house. It looks like she might have found a new love interest, but it turns out that she is interested in only men. With a show coming up soon she offers to be Maggie’s assistant, so I’m curious to see what happens there.

The reviews are in for Kelsey’s ex boyfriend’s book and they aren’t good. Colin sends her flowers trying to apologize. At first Kelsey thinks they are from Liza, their relationship is very strained and they are still barley talking. We get another hint that Liza and Charles will start a relationship. When she goes to get a signature from him she finds Charles on the floor of his office with his back out. She helps him by rubbing his back and getting him medication. It’s a sweet moment that gives the #TeamCharles viewers hope!

Dianna decides to through one of their authors a party at her house in the spirit of Hygge. During the meeting discussing the details, Kelsey starts to see  just how blind she was to all of Liza’s lies.

Colin meets up with Kelsey, Lauren, and Max for a night out. Kelsey gets to work out her frustration on him in a very special way! It seems like she is giving him a chance again when she shows up to the party with him, only to have him talk to Charles most of the night about his next book since his book deal was dropped after the bad reviews. Liza, still caring so much about Kelsey, points it out and a fight breaks out between them. When Diana overhears, she lets Charles know that there are problems between the two. After leaving the party Kelsey sees that Liza was right about Colin and slips into a cab while he is distracted on his phone.

Liza and Josh also run into each other for the first time and it’s hard to watch their short exchange. Speaking of Josh, at the end we see just how much him and Kelsey are bonding over their situation with Liza. What do you think, are they going to become an item?

Cant wait for the new episode tonight!

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