Younger: Season 4, episode 1 “Post Truth”

Season 4 starts right where season 3 left off. Liza explains to Kelsey about why she lied about her age and why she felt she couldn’t tell her the truth. The next morning, Liza wakes up to find Kelsey left in the middle of the night. At work Kelsey finds out about the book deal Liza took because of the blackmail threat by Emily Burns. Before they can deal with it they have their morning meeting to get to. In the meeting D.C. spin doctor Marylynne Keller, pitches her book which is titled “It’s True Because I’m Shouting It.” It’s about how she spun peoples’ truth. “Truth is a five letter word.” At the end of the meeting, seeming inspired by the pitch they just heard, Liza tries to tell Diana and Charles her truth. But before she can tell them Kelsey steps in and lets everyone know that Liza is not going to marry Josh. Kelsey is worry about Millennial and what will happen to it if people find out about Liza’s real age. Since Liza doesn’t have a presence on the internet they reach out to Lauren to get her online identity out there.

Charles is worried that the broken engagement between Liza and Josh is because of him, then invites Liza to check out a Hemingway sale. They bond again looking over his parents’ items that he is selling off, once again letting us know that there relationship might just go to the next level. While Kelsey is at a bar taking a break from looking for a place to live she runs into Josh. He tries to get away saying he needs a clean break from Liza when Kelsey lets him know she KNOWS everything.

Emily Burns comes in for a meeting and Kelsey lets her know that they aren’t taking the blackmail, and are turning it on her. They both want on  EW’s 29 Under 29 List or they cancel her book. After EW’s list party Liza thanks Kelsey for forgiving her, but sadly and understandably Kelsey lets her know their relationship is just business. Since Lauren lets Kelsey take her uber Liza finds out where she is now living…with Josh!!!

I am so excited about this new season! Can’t wait to see what twists and turns they through at us. What do you think, will Josh and Kelsey get together? Are you Team Josh or Team Charles?

It’s just the first episode and I’m already left with my mouth on the floor!


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