I wanted to APOLOGIZE to all of my followers who participated in the H♥W SWEET IT I$! Social Media & Small Business Blog Hop… as we(all bloggers) are finding out that it was a SCAM! It is unfortunate and sad that this person felt the need to do this. I personally disputed my payment with Paypal as FRAUD to Gina and hope whoever else paid her does the same. I feel that if her mother is truly sick… then I wish her mother well, HOWEVER, I believe that if you have time to SELL your contacts and DELETE everyone from your FB, DELETE your other media accounts then you had time to write a POST explaining the change – THEN we ALL would have been understanding!!
Instead it was done in such an UNPROFESSIONAL,  SHADY, UNDERHANDED manner that numerous people (myself included) don’t want any part of. It’s SAD
The Co-Host Pocket Full of Buttons had the following post on her site:
1st Update:  
I am so, so sorry. I love my readers and I only try to do the best with my blog I am so sorry to say that I along with my readers were apparently SCAMMED by Gina Parker PR. I thought I was doing something good and fun for the members of our awesome blogosphere. Come to find out I was wrong and I feel like shit. I hope in posting this I am wrong and that it is just a big misunderstanding, but I fear I am not.

In working under good faith with Gina Parker PR I would promote an awesome social media/blog hop between blogger and Twitter peeps. Since the “How Sweet It Is” party started it was going strong…and then as of Thursday it started to fall to pieces when I started to wonder if this was real or not. I noticed last night that she had deleted her Twitter account and then her Facebook account. Of course I became concerned and called on bloggy friends to sound off my concerns to. I emailed Gina my concerns and then received a message from Gina stating that her mother was sick and she sold her “contacts” to another business woman but was reassured that “Lisaa” (the new owner) would be taking over 100% and continue the giveaway and everything as is.
Well as of tonight I realized the now what was Gina Parker PR website has been deleted along with her Twitter and FB page but I did find this site and her LinkedIn Site….and this Bloggy Mom site.
I have every email, every email where she answered every answer correctly and it pisses me off. I do NOT like to be f****d with and I do not like my lovelys to be f****d with and this is just wrong!!!! So I will be “moving” the posts so no one else gets hurts or sends her their money for a giveaway we can no longer find. I am so sorry I got involved with this and am so sorry I promoted it to you all. Please, please forgive me. I only want to do right by my lovelys and am so sorry I pulled you all into it. I feel like s**t.
I will never trust another blogger like this again, I just can’t. I pride myself too much on being honest. I suggest EVERYONE whom sent Gina Parker PR money for this event put in a REFUND REQUEST for fraud. You did not get what you paid for. You were paying to be added to the list for an event that ran until Feb 14th. Well it’s not Feb 14th and the list is gone so I think that is a legit complaint right? I do not know if Paypal will do this is but I think it is worth the try.
If you have any suggestions or insight of what we can do to right this wrong please feel free to email me anytime! p.s. I even tried emailing her….the email came back! I see no way that this is not a scam. I mean hello??? Why doesn’t anyone know what is going on???
2nd Update:
Update On How Sweet It Is.
I received an email this morning from Bree of What Matters Most. She found Gina’s blog under a different web address….  I do not know if the giveaway is still going on. I have not received any email from Gina or this Lisaa about a change of sites, web addresses..nothing. All I know is what I said earlier..she told me her mother is sick and she was selling her contacts and that Lisaa would be handling everything including the giveaway/party hop, this was late Thursday night and the last communication I had with Gina. So why doesn’t anyone know? If it is legit why was there not an immediate post to let everyone know what was going on? Why in the span of one day were all social media sites deleted? How was everyone supposed to know that the blog is under a NEW web address. Ugh I am so tired, tired of feeling, tired of trying to deal with emails asking me what’s going on because they can not find the site, twitter, email…nothing.Thank you everyone whom has posted about feeling sorry for me but please do not. Gina honored the agreement between her and I and as I stated in my disclaimer on the original party post I was paid for helping her promote the social hop. This is about you all and the people who trusted me enough to sign up for this event when I told you what an awesome fun time I thought we would all have and I was so excited to see who got to win $1000! I mean wow that is huge. Now who the heck knows what is going on.

I do not know! I do not know how to reach her…reach anybody and I am done. Thank you Bree for sending me the email with the link. If this was a legit change of owners the way they went about it is/was very, very wrong. No one was notified, no explanations given….just wrong.
You would think that me as a “partner” of the party hop would have been given a heads up so I could at least posted about it…but nope nothing…big fat zero. I hope this LisaasBeads keeps with the giveaway and picks a lucky winner to get 1K, but I am leery and want nothing more to do with it.
I am sorry lovelys if my post last night may have offended you because of my language. Apparently someone on my Facebook page made a point of saying it was “unacceptable”….hello freedom of speech. This is my blog, my feelings, my emotions and I will not apologize for how I express myself on MY blog. I guess she never saw my post about the lady who spoke nasty about my daughter and her dog…lol
3rd Update: 
We Have The List! Thanks to Won we have the list back. She had saved it (smart lady) and now we can all support each other in the way it was supposed to be. I wish I could giveaway away a $1000 cash…shoot I wish I had $1000 cash…lol but I can not. What I can do is post this list so we can have a little fun following and meeting other awesome bloggers! Who’s with me? p.s. The numbers are off because I deleted my links and of course Gina’s. Since we have the list I will deleting the previous Linky post.

It is really unfortunate that this happened to US (all bloggers/small business/& etsy’s)! However we should turn this into a POSITIVE and continue to SUPPORT each other LIKE WE DO ALREADY!!
So click below and leave on comment on each others blogs… if you already followed me please comment HERE ON THIS POST so I can return the favor!

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