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Whisky Lullaby: Rock Star Romance, Step-brother New Adult Romance (Tennessee Romance Book 1)

Author: Lexy Timms
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date:  September 17, 2015
From Best Selling Author, Lexy Timms, comes a new adult rock star romance. 

Hot lead singer Logan Murphy of Whisky Lullaby has secrets he doesn’t want his fans, or band mates to know. 

In walks Ashley Slater, with her Julliard upbringing and classical sweetness that Logan can stop thinking about. 

Just kicked out of the band, Logan’s step-brother, Charlie, doesn’t seem to have a worry in the world, except wanting what Logan wants. 

Follow their journey in this rock star romance as the world tilts in a new direction. 

** Whisky Lullaby is book 1 in the Tennessee Romance series. All your questions won’t be answered in the first book. It may end on a cliff-hanger that leads into book 2. It’s a mild cliffy, but it’s there none the less.
REVIEW by Monique
a 5-star classical spellbound
love story surely to rock your heart & soul!
the best musicians know that it isn’t enough to simply sing an elegant harmony
or string together notes to create a beautiful song. To achieve the absolute
nirvana, the ultimate in creative highs, you must feel your music with all your
heart and soul.”
Ashley Slater was moving from New York to
Tennessee for a change of scenery after studying the classics at Juilliard, but
there is more than one reason why Ashley is moving to Tennessee.
Logan Murphy is the lead of Whisky
Lullaby and has a few secrets himself, but making a decision to leave home and
think about himself for the first time changes when he collides path with
Ashley. While Ashley was waiting for her cousin, Kaylee, to check-in to her
dorm at the University of Tennessee, a jock with a football collided with her
knocking down and her cello. Shocked, Logan came by to apologize for his stepbrother,
Charlie’s rudeness and offered to assist her. Upset, Ashley collected her
things when she saw her cousin, Kaylee, and left immediately.
When Logan’s first class begins, he is
stunned to see the same girl, Ashley, who his stepbrother trampled over and
sees something different this time. He is sensing something different about her
and is more aware of her this time.
gaze met hers. There was a moment. He swore there was. A connection. Their instincts
spot on. Like a storm rippling beneath the surface. He turned quickly, not sure
he was ready for the tempest to take control of him.”
Timms’ WHISKY LULLABY will capture your
attention immediately, when Logan and Ashley’s worlds collide with their
beautiful music of lullabies demonstrating more emotions through lyrics and
strings. Do not be alarm when the ending is a cliffhanger, because the next
release, WHISKY MELODY (Tennessee Romance #2), should release soon. Do not miss
this great romance read – “1-Click” today!
“When a
song touches another heart as deeply and significantly as it has touched your
own, it creates a connection. A spark is ignited that no one can extinguish.”
Lexy Timms’ WHISKY
LULLABY (Tennessee Romance #1), receives – 5 ROCKING



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