Claire Nixon is a twenty-year-old college dropout with a secret.

Claire, Adam Parker is just another flirty customer at the cafe, until a chance
encounter and seemingly innocent comment spurs a bet between them. The bet is
simple: If Adam can get Claire to reveal the secret that made her drop out of
college, she has to re-enroll. If he doesn’t succeed, she gets to keep her
secret and he has to stop stalking her at the cafe.

Claire thinks she has
this one in the bag. She’s perfected the art of forgetting her past. But she
isn’t prepared for Adam’s relentless pursuit or for him to share his own
secrets. And she’s definitely not prepared for her rock star ex, and her secret,
to come banging down her door one year later.

This is the 1st of a three part series. It was really really great read. The story tugged at my heart feeling sorry for Claire one minute to laughing the next.  You are really rooting for the pair and then you find yourself rooting for her an another. Claire has an ex, Chris who  has become a huge rock star in the past year since their break-up. The break-up was Claire’s decision so he could go live his dream. Chris is still very much in love with her. They are connected through a secret she is carrying and he is unaware of it. Then there is Adam who makes her life happier. She is truly broken and he fixes her. The story is really well written and at the end you do not know which guy Claire should be with. Both Chris and Adam a so likable.  The secret she hold can pull her one way but Adam is possible the love of her life. It has a small cliffhanger but does end in a happy place. You are left wondering at then end on what will happen. I really am excited to read the 2nd book to see what will happen. The 2nd book should be out sometime in May. You really should grab this book. It is absolutely a wonderful read.



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