Review & #Giveaway: Oransi Ionic Fridge Air Purifier

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oransi (pronounced o-ron-see): Scandinavian word meaning orange.
Oransi, based in Austin, TX, develops green cleaning products such as air purifiers to clean the air so you and those around you can breathe easier, sleep better and feel rejuvenated. The number of children and adults who suffer from allergies and asthma has continued to increase and our air purifiers provide high performance without the features you really don’t need. We also sell highly efficient laundry cleaning products that are better for you, your wallet and the environment. We are a leader in innovation with our products and business model where our sales and customer service reps are part-time “stay at home moms” similar to JetBlue. In addition, we believe in giving back to our community and donate 5% of our income to promote student interest in science, engineering and math so they can develop even better cleaning products for future generations.

 Top 10 ionic fridge air purifier features:
1. Save money – for starters there are no replacement filters and nothing to clean.  The air purifier uses 2 AA batteries that require replacement approximately every 90 days.  Built-in micro processor controls the operation of the air purifier so it will cycle on and off to save battery life.
2. Silent – no fans.
3. Intuitive.
4. Effective in the removal of odors and bacteria to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh and your food fresher.
5. Conveniently fits anywhere in your refrigerator.
6. Attractive neutral color and cool contemporary design.
7. Easy operating instructions:
  • Turn it on
  • Freshen your refrigerator

8. Patented Piezo-electric technology:  allows for a high negative ion output to freshen your refrigerator without the harmful side effects of ozone that is found in standard ionizers.
9. Safety:  The Ionic Fridge air purifier has received safety certifications from GS and CE as well as the RoHS lead free directive.  Made of durable fire-resistant ABS materials.  Tested for ozone production by ITI (Industrial Research Technology Institute) and found to be 0.011 ppm which is 78% below FDA limits.
10. Operating costs: Ionic Fridge purifier average battery costs:  $1/month.

This is an awesome air purifier!! I am very impressed with this tiny little air purifier. We are on the go quite a bit and unfortunately veggies and fruit get thrown out quite a bit. My veggie drawers can get pretty nasty at times, which means there can be some awful odors every time you open the fridge. We have been using this purifier for several weeks and I love it! I knew that it was small but it is tiny and hardly takes up any space at all! PLUS it is only $39.00 (that is a great price in my opinion!!). Just as a bonus I learned from their website they are based here in Austin and we love supporting local companies!! We give the Oransi Fridge Purifier two thumbs up and definitely recommend it to others.

How would you like to try an Oransi Ionic Fridge Air Purifier for yourself? Well they have generously offered one of our readers one of their own! Just enter on the Rafflecopter entry form below! If you have any questions or concerns about the Rafflecopter form please leave a comment. Good Luck and Thanks for entering.
Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to review for Oransi.  I received an Oransi Ionic Fridge Air Purifier for review purposes only. I was not compensated to write a positive or favorable review. This is Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s personal opinion.


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