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by | Nov 19, 2012 | KUWTR

At 2 Gringos Salsa they are not trying to bore you with a new cook book, they are simply trying to enhance the flavor of your already proven family recipes!

Alton has been making 2 Gringos Salsa for over 20 years. The original recipe was given to him by his good friends Jack and Roy Henderson. He has changed the recipe some, but to this day it remains basically the same. After making and giving away hundreds of gallons for family, friends, and different functions, Alton was talked into selling it.

Jim, the other gringo, and Alton did not have a name for it so they enlisted the help of family and friends to come up with a name. In the mean time, He made a batch and a good friend had come by and asked if he could take it home to his elderly mother who was born and raised in Mexico. Upon tasting it, she asked “who made this?” and her son replied “Two Gringos!” She proceeded to tell him that she knew quite a bit about salsas and there wasn’t any way that two gringos had made it. The name was catchy to all and the rest is history.

A savory salsa with fresh serranos and fresh jalapenos. Get it in mild or regular heat. 
Price: 4.95 for 16 oz. 

Connect with 2 Gringo’s Salsa

We LOVE salsa’s!! We have at LEAST 5 tubs/jars of salsa in our refrigerator at all times!! SO… in my opinion we are Salsa connoisseurs (hehehe). The hubby eats Salsa on everything- tacos, eggs, pasta, chips, etc. We tried the 2 Gringo’s salsa in regular and mild. They have a great flavor and were both gone in no time. I would definitely suggest trying the 2 Gringo’s salsa out for yourselves. It is great just as a dip, on  eggs, on fajitas, or anything else you fancy putting salsa on. We give it two thumbs up!! 

Disclosure: I received the product above for review purposes only. I was not compensated to write a positive or favorable review. This is Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s personal opinion.


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