Rain, rain, go away!

by | Sep 17, 2010 | KUWTR

Well we were all set to go camping this weekend… Loaded up and driving to pick up the camper!! On our way we notice the way we are driving is very dark! Michael pulls up the radar and is cursing up a storm (pun intended) all across south Tx is dark green, yellow, and red!! Huricane Karl making landfall in Mexico making his mark on Central Tx. I asked him if he had looked at the weather before we packed the truck up?!?! We get to Grandma & Pappy’s house just before it starts pouring… So hard and so much that you can’t see a few feet out of the window. We were looking forward to camping and fishing down the river. Although for now the rain seems to have dissipated it doesn’t look like we will be going this weekend! So I guess we are camping out at Grandma & Pappy’s!! : )


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