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I received a free sample of Rachael Ray Nutrish just 6 dry dog food for one of my three dogs to try. First off I have to say that the Nutrish just 6 is just that 6 natural ingredients packed with vitamins and minerals. Real Meat is the first ingredient like chicken, lamb, or beef. There are no fillers. No junk. Lots of good wholesome stuff for your dog(s)! Who does not want that for their little fur babies. After receiving the sample I put it on the counter my Jack Russell Terrier came in and was jumping up to see what was on the counter!! It was pretty funny… also know that he doesn’t do that when I have regular food on the counter!! So I decided that he could be my guinea pig!  

He loved it and paused just long enough for me to snap that last picture then went back to scarfing it down! I was really impressed by the natural goodness that is in this dog food! I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that 100% proceeds goes to Rachel’s Rescue for animals in need! You can try a free sample of Nutrish for your dogs too! I am sure you won’t be sorry!!

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