How To: Easy Pumpkin Burlap Wreath

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Pumpkin Burlap Wreath

I wanted to make a cute burlap wreath that was both for Fall and Halloween.

And what is better to represent both but pumpkins?!


What you need:

*1 wire wreath frame (I used an 18″)

*16 feet of 5″ wide orange burlap ribbon (If you want your wreath to

be fluffier buy an extra roll)

*1 roll of 5″ wide green burlap ribbon (you won’t use it all, but you can

always use the rest as part of a Christmas wreath)

~If you can’t find colored burlap ribbon you can always spray paint it~

*Floral wire

*Wire cutters


*Embellishments (optional)


I started by weaving the orange ribbon through the wire frame. Make sure that the loops of the ribbon is pulled through evenly. The bigger the loop the fluffier your wreath will be. I then twisted the ribbon before weaving it through again, making sure that the beginning of the ribbon was twisted with it.

You can also use your floral wire to attach the beginning of the ribbon to the frame.


I did two sets of loops in each section of the frame.


I kept weaving and twisting until I got to the last two sections. Fluff and play with your loops as you go to make sure you are getting the look that you want. Use your floral wire to secure the ribbon to the frame once you get to the end.

You can do more or less depending on the look you are going for.


With the green I did the same technique I did with the orange, but made my loops bigger so that the “leafs” would be fluffier than the “pumpkin”


Once I filled in the rest of the frame I left the tail of the ribbon to make my stem.



I flipped the wreath over and wove the tail through looping it.

Make sure you flip your wreath back to the front to check that you like the size  of the stem.


Once I got it the size I liked I turned it back around and wove my floral wire through the burlap, bunching it together before securing it to the frame.


I ended up using my husband’s fishing line to suspend the welcome sign that I found.

You could also use your floral wire or a glue gun to attach it to the wreath itself.


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