Pumpkins are my favorite things to decorate with during fall and Halloween. You can do so much with them and I think they are super cute. Here are two crafts that are quick, easy, and you can get the kids to help out with.

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Pizza Pan Pumpkin

How cute is this little pumpkin guy?! This would be a cute idea not only for your door, but also for a craft at a kids Halloween party. Plus, if you use your imagination you can turn this pizza pan into so many things! A witch, a skeleton head, etc.

What you will need:

Pizza pan

Googly eyes

Green burlap

Orange paint

Black paint

Black sharpie



Floral wire

Wire cutters

To make this super easy I used orange spray paint for the base. Once it dried I added the eyes, used the sharpie to make the lines of the pumpkin and the black paint for the nose and mouth. I let all that dry before I glued on the burlap for the stem and leaves. I wrapped floral wire around a pencil to create the curl at the top. You can add a hook to the back to hang on the door or just prop it up like I did mine.

Make sure to check out how I made my wreath here:

Mason Jar Pumpkin

What you need:

22 mason jar bands

Orange spray paint

Cinnamon sticks

Floral wire

Wire cutters


Spray paint the inside and outside of the bands and make sure they dry completely. Sting the bands onto the floral wire and create the body of the pumpkin. Once you have it where you like it, twist the floral wire together. Insert the cinnamon sticks into the center to create the stem, and glue in place.

You can get creative with this and use different colors, you could cover the outside of the bands with ribbon or jewels. The possibilities are endless!


**this post contains affiliate links**



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