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Do you watch the Ladies of THE VIEW or the THE TALK or both?? I have watched the View for a couple of years now, but I have to say that I personally enjoy The Talk more. I am sure that I am not the only one that was thinking when the Talk first started… seriously the same format as the View!! HOWEVER despite their being similarities they are NOTHING alike!! I have actually become annoyed with Barbara Walters snarky comments and insinuations about the Talk and see her in a different light. Negativity is so irritating to me!! I think that if you want Hollywood gossip, political hoopla, or self promotion for specials then the View is definitely for you. I just don’t relate to The Views topics like I do with the Talks. Don’t get me wrong I still watch the VIEW, I love Whoopi and honestly probably wouldn’t watch if she were not on there. I think that she is polite but real, the others talk over each other and can be very irritating and rude! I think The Talk is for the real woman, mother, sister or friend. The topics that they discuss are things that go on in my life that are relate-able to me! I have a notebook that I write down some of their hot topics because they are great discussion pieces for my moms group or with my friends! The women of the Talk are funny and completely different from each other, but you can tell that they like each other that they do have a friendship there. I personally love Leah Remini, we think so much alike it’s funny! All the Ladies are great though, Mrs. O, Holly Peete, Julie Chen, and especially Sarah Gilbert. I really enjoy the camaraderie between the ladies but more importantly I enjoy their topics, the real life situations that they discuss that I can relate too!! So what is your “View” on the Talk?? Are you a Viewer or a Talker?? or Both??


  1. Brag All About It

    I really like the talk also. Although Leah needs to chill out a bit, she tends to over take a lot of the convo’s!

    much I love Sharon always cussing LOL!

  2. Jess ~ Team Pigweed

    I haven’t ever seen “The Talk”. I didn’t even know it existed, but now I feel compelled to dvr it and watch after the kid is in bed. I have seen “The View” a couple of times, but I hate all of the bickering and loud talking over eachotherness. And for some reason, writing this has made me hungry. off to feed the babes.

  3. Jess ~ Team Pigweed

    ahhh, so annoying! I wrote this long comment and then it got erased bc I had to log in.

    The net/net is that I have never even heard of “The Talk”, but now I want to DVR it!

    And there might have been some ramblings of how I am hungry now. Food is rarely far from my mind these days.

  4. Brandi

    I haven’t ever seen the talk either-when is it on? I don’t really watch tv while Marlee is up-unless it’s dinosaur train-but I could record it maybe. 🙂


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