My sick little Monkey

by | Oct 5, 2010 | KUWTR

So while my poor little monkey naps beside me I am going to get a new post in… I hope : )  Alexandra is sick and has been for the last several days. Another reason I haven’t been posting! I feel so bad for her. I have never seen so much snot come out of someone… let alone someone so little. I took her to see Dr. B yesterday and it seems she has a viral upper respiratory infection, an ear infection in her right ear,  and swimmer’s ear in her left- my poor baby!! She can hardy breathe and is very clingy to me when she doesn’t feel good. Hopefully her medication will kick in and she will start feeling better soon! I hate that she has to go through this but I know that it also builds up the immune system so she will be healthier later!! The other issue I think we are going to have is her going to sleep in her own room again… when Michael is out of town and also since she has been sick she sleeps with me(us)… so she has slept with me for the past week and I tried to put her in her bed to take a nap yesterday and you would have thought she was dying!! She bawled and bawled, which I let happen for a while to see if she would calm down but eventually I had to go get her!! She is sick and upset and the minute I got her she went to sleep on me 🙂 that part I love!! Anyways my hope is that she will be fine going back to her bed when she feels better!!!!!


  1. Becky Jane

    OH! I hope she gets feeling well soon…and that Mommy is getting enough rest!

  2. Carolyn

    What a great site you have! Thanks for stopping by and linking up at the W/W hop! I'm following you back now as well…I think I was your 2400 follower! yeah! =DI'm looking forward to reading more. And I'm lookin forward to linking up on your Thursday hop! "See" ya soon!


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