After several request I am putting up pics of my hair… but there is one slight problem I am having such a hard time finding a picture that showed how long my hair was!! I have been keeping my hair pulled back in a bun…well since well before Alex was born. However more recently you wouldn’t see me with my hair down because it would have become just a mess(plus Alex pulls on it)! I could sit on my hair but I couldn’t even brush it, it would become so tangled! It was getting so irritating… I was even having delusional thoughts of cutting it myself!!! Here is the most recent picture that I could find of my hair and it is 7 months old…

So mind you my hair was at least almost 8 inches longer than in this picture when I had it cut. I thought about taking a picture before cutting it but when it came down to it I forgot : (
I am not big on self pics but here goes… OMG!! Not sure if y’all know it or not but it is hard to take your own pic in the mirror!! LOL!!

I had about 16 inches cut off!! As you can see my hair is still long (at my bra strap)… long enough to put in a ponytail that is at my shoulders! Although it is short to me! I have not had my hair this short since I was twenty years old! I love it it feels great, the layers look good, the Hubby likes it and I can brush it!! Thanks Jenn!!

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